Call for papers

Please download the CFP flyer here (Click).

The topics are as following but not limited to:

Artificial Intelligence

Automation Intelligence 

Autonomous Vehicles

Brain-Machine Interface System 

Calculi of Uncertainty

Cognitive and Affective Computing

Cognitive Robots 

Cognitive Systems

Control and supervision systems

Decision Support Systems

Education Robots 

Electronic Smart Systems (ESS)

Embedded Robot and Intelligence 

Entertainment and Amusement Robots 

Flexible and Intelligent Wearable Systems

Fuzzy Control and Robotics

Home Robot and Service Robot for Elder and Children 

Human Robot Collaborations

Humanoid Robot 

Human-Robot Interaction

Human-Robot Interfaces

Image Processing

Indoor and Outdoor Service Robots 

Industrial Pilots and Business Innovation

Information Aggregation and Fusion

Innovative Mechatronic Systems

Inspection Robots 

Intelligent Automated System and Its Applications

Intelligent Control

Intelligent Control for Assistive Robots

Intelligent Control Systems

Intelligent Measurement

Intelligent Control Systems and Optimization

Intelligent Manufacturing Systems 

Intelligent Medical Systems and Applications

Intelligent Platforms for Advanced Therapies of the Future

Intelligent Robotics and Systems 

Intelligent Systems for Health, Wellbeing and Active Assisted Living (AAL)

Intelligent Systems for Smart City 

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Interoperable & Cognitive Human-Robot System of Systems

Interoperability and Integration of Socio-Technical Systems

Localization and SLAM

Machine Learning

Medical Robots 

Multi-Robot Systems

Multi-Agent Systems 

Multimedia Information Processing   

Nonstandard Logics

Neural Networks

New Challenges for Creativity, Intellectual Property Rights and Copyright

Open Innovation in Intelligent Systems

Open Innovation in Intelligent Systems

Optimization algorithms

Robot Vision Systems

Rehabilitation Robot & Caring Robot 

Rescue Robots and Hazardous Duty Robots 

Research and Innovation for Creative Industries and Cultural Heritage

Robot Actuators

Robot Cooperation

Robot Grasping

Robot Intelligence

Robot Learning

Robot Legged Locomotion

Robot Linguistics

Robot Manipulation

Robot Mechanism and Design

Robot Motion Analysis

Robot Motion Control

Robot Motion Planning

Robot Sensors

Robot Speech Systems

Robot Teleoperation

Robot Wheeled Locomotion

Robotics and Autonomous Systems

Robots for Agriculture

Robots for Biomedical Applications

Robots for Construction

Robots for Defence

Robots for Edutainment

Robots for Eldercare

Robots for Homecare

Robots for Industrial Automation

Robots for Inspection

Robots for Planetary Exploration

Robots for Rehabilitation

Robots for Security

Robots for Surveillance

Robots for Sustainable Mobility

Security Robots 

Smart Anything Everywhere

Soft Computing

Software Agents

Sustainable Green Engineering

Sustainable Technology Management

Symbiotic Robotics System

System Integration Technology 

Systems Engineering

Telerobotics and Teleoperation

Vehicle control applications

Vision recognition

Vision reconstruction

Web Technology and Intelligence

Wheelchair Robots 

Wireless and Intelligent Sensor Fusion