Special Session

Special Session Ⅰ: Embodied Intelligence in Robot Locomotion

Session Chair: Associate Professor Longchuan Li——Beijing University of Chemical Technology, China

Special Session Information:

Robot locomotion relies on its morphology, control method, and its interaction with the environment.  This session aims to collect papers that show recent efforts to embodied intelligence in robot locomotion.

Below is an incomplete list of potential topics to be covered in the Special Session:

  • Robot locomotion control

  • Robot locomotion modeling and analysis

  • Robot locomotion principles design

  • Robot and animal locomotion mechanism

Special Session Ⅱ: Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) in Intelligent Robotics and Systems

Session Chair: Associate Professor Haipeng Wang——Northwestern Polytechnical University, China

Special Session Information: 

The Special Session on Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) within the context of Intelligent Robotics and Systems seeks to bring together researchers, practitioners, and experts from academia and industry to explore the intersection of robotics and interactive technologies. As intelligent robotics continue to evolve, the role of HCI becomes increasingly pivotal in shaping seamless and effective interactions between humans and machines. This special session aims to foster discussions on novel approaches, challenges, and advancements in HCI within intelligent robotic systems, with a focus on enhancing user experiences, collaboration, and overall system performance.

Below is an incomplete list of potential topics to be covered in the Special Session:

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

Adaptive Human-Robot Interaction:

  • Personalized and context-aware interaction

  • Adaptation to user preferences and behaviors

Multi-Modal Interfaces:

  • Integration of speech, gesture, and haptic interfaces

  • Sensory fusion for enhanced communication

User-Centered Design for Robotics:

  • Design methodologies and principles for robotic systems

  • User experience evaluation and usability testing

Collaborative Robotics:

  • Human-robot collaboration in industrial and domestic settings

  • Safety considerations in collaborative environments

Social Robotics:

  • Emotional and social intelligence in robots

  • Applications of social robots in healthcare, education, and entertainment

Augmented and Virtual Reality in Robotics:

  • Immersive interfaces for teleoperation

  • AR/VR-enhanced user experiences in robotic applications

Ethical and Societal Implications:

  • Ethical considerations in robotic design and deployment

  • Societal impact and public perceptions of interactive robots

Cognitive Models for Human-Robot Interaction:

  • Cognitive architectures supporting natural interaction

  • Robot learning and adaptation through human interaction


Important Dates:

Abstract Proposals: March 31, 2024

Full Paper: April 15, 2024

Special Session Ⅲ: Autonomous Navigation

Session Chair: Professor Zheng Fang——Northeastern University, China

Keywords: Localization, Mapping, SLAM, Path Planning

Special Session Information: 

This Session will focus on autonomous navigation of various mobile robots, including ground unmanned vehicles, aerial vehicles, and underwater robots, etc. We will discuss cutting-edge theories and key technologies that can enable mobile robots navigate autonomously and intelligently in complex real environments. 

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Visual/LiDAR SLAM

  • Localization

  • Motion Planning

  • Trajectory Tracking